With ousted AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala back from prison and declaring her re-visitation of “dynamic legislative issues”, theory is overflowing of a potential consolidation of AIADMK and TTV Dhinakaran-established AMMK in front of the Get together surveys.

While AIADMK’s top of the food chain, including Boss Clergyman Edappadi K Palaniswami, have brought up solid criticisms against permitting Sasikala and her nephew Dhinakaran back, a remark by Neighborhood Organization Priest SP Velumani has gotten people talking.

Tending to the AIADMK framework as a component of a gathering Tuesday, Velumani said in the impending races, endeavors ought to be towards keeping out the shared adversary, DMK.”Our foe is DMK. Whatever difficult we may have, those are among siblings. In a family, a wide range of issues will come. In the event that an issue comes from an adversary, we will combine. DMK is no place equivalent to us, Stalin is blossoming with counterfeit guarantees. On the off chance that all of you cooperate, we will win the surveys and hold the public authority,” he said.Velumani’s comment comes in the scenery of Dhinakaran on a couple of events alluding to holding hands with the AIADMK. On Twitter, Dhinakaran as of late gave a long assertion, expressing gratitude toward individuals for the “fantastic gathering to Chinamma” and saying the gathering laborers ought to join to crush DMK, the shared adversary.

CM Palaniswami, be that as it may, is firm on his choice to exclude Sasikala and co. into their crease.

Talking at a political race rally in Vellore, Edappadi said, “TTV Dhinakaran has not been important for AIADMK for a very long time. Amma suspended his essential participation of the gathering. He returned to the gathering after Amma’s downfall. He had a go at everything to catch the gathering. He removed 18 MLAs from us and afterward left them in the city. Individuals who trust him will confront a comparative circumstance. A few people are attempting a wide range of stunts to bring malicious power DMK to control, however I will disclose to you the AIADMK will not allow that to occur.”

A senior Tamil Nadu political expert said Velumani’s remarks may have been taken inappropriately. Addressing the indianexpress.com, he said Velumani won’t need Sasikala back in the gathering, as it will prompt a clear force battle in the Kongu belt.”The current government is controlled a few priests and Velumani is a vital factor in that. From a second-rung pioneer, Velumani has now ascended to practically controlling the gathering in specific areas. In the event that Sasikala returns into the AIADMK crease, Velumani a few priests will be pushed back and positively, they wouldn’t need that to occur,” he said.

“Additionally, Sasikala’s men in the Gounder people group have been hushed every one of these years and now if this consolidation occurs, they will jump to get a portion of the key positions. This will prompt a pointless clamor in the western district, which is viewed as the AIADMK’s solid zone. With decisions around the bend, the gathering will not face this challenge,” he added.

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