Welcome to the Watchman’s survey of the 2020-21 Head Class season. We have named a few competitors for this classification to get the conversation rolling. You can submit your ideas underneath the line …

Phil Foden, 20 (Manchester City)

Nobody who saw Foden in age-bunch football will be distantly shocked by a splendid season during which he has gotten one of the world’s best players. Despite the fact that it’s not difficult to contrast him with others – by one way or another, he consolidates the frictionless skate of Lionel Messi with the forceful ricochet of Diego Maradona – his uniqueness is the thing that makes him exceptional. Regardless of whether positioned in midfield, in advance or on one or the other wing, Foden’s capacity to merge style with substance and nature with astuteness mirrors the inborn, essential “Fodenness” that is so insisting, a youngster doing precisely what he was brought into the world to do.Mason Greenwood, 19 (Manchester Joined together)

It appears to be abnormal now – genuine talk, it was bizarre at that point – however in the no so distant past individuals were questioning Greenwood, utilizing a dunk in structure went before by close to home misfortune and Britain obligation idiocy to represent the all-knowingness of the xG metric. Last season, he scored a surprising number of troublesome completions; this season he demonstrated that they were not a monstrosity event, he is an oddity event, an uncommon mix of personality and strategy with much improved all-round play. Should he expand the bangers with tap-ins then xG may at last rate him, yet meanwhile, one reality remains: you can’t measure genius.Bukayo Saka, 19 (Weapons store)

The quantity of fabulous English teens is totally and uncommonly incredible, however even in that setting Saka sticks out, energy in bodily form and a footballing academic of absurd extents. Throughout the season, he has dominated at left-back, on the conservative and in focal midfield, his brashness and knowledge making developed men look senseless – for the game, however for the group. It is no misrepresentation to say Saka has without any help kept up his club in relative balance, nor that without him, the ebb and flow Stockpile chief would probably have lost his employment this season. With him, however, anything appears possible.Mason Mount, 22 (Chelsea)

At the point when Thomas Tuchel named his first Chelsea group – and be certain, this is a sentence that has the right to get done with an interjection mark – Mount ended up on the seat! So he went ahead, changed the game, and requested his director understand the mistake of his ways right away. As a rule, the best players are not those with the most elevated high level but rather with the most elevated base level, and Mount’s power and conviction imply that his is straight up there. In any event, when things are going seriously, you always remember he’s on the pitch and he always remembers he’s in a piece.

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