Pernille Harder will trust it is third time fortunate when she steps on to the pitch at the Gamla Ullevi arena in Gothenburg to play Barcelona in the Bosses Group last on Sunday evening. She knows precisely what it resembles to lose. In 2018 she was excruciatingly near getting her hands on the prize, scoring first in additional time for Wolfsburg before Alex Popp was shipped off and the finely adjusted game tipped in support of Lyon, the French bosses scoring four to wind the blade well and genuinely.

In 2020 the groups and result were something very similar yet they were less all around coordinated and Lyon procured a 3-1 triumph in ordinary time. It is demonstration of the impact and brightness of Harder, however, that in the two years, in spite of being on the losing side, the Danish forward was named European player of the year. Presently with Chelsea, she will have another go, in another set-up and against an alternate team.”Unfortunately I can mention to you what it resembles to be on the losing side,” she says with a chuckle. “It is anything but a nice sentiment. It’s consistently ideal to get to the last in any case, when you are there, you need to win it and not being on the triumphant side is frustrating. To be so close and not get it is intense. Thus, obviously, I’m truly propelled.”

There is a quality of versatility about this Chelsea group exhibited by their fighting race to the last. In the last-16 against Atlético Madrid a red card for Sophie Ingle in the thirteenth moment had Chelsea on the ropes yet they endured the subsequent pressing factor and would proceed to dominate the match 2-0 and the tie 3-1.

In the following round, against Harder’s previous group Wolfsburg, they advanced with a 5-1 total success against the group they had neglected to move beyond multiple times. In the semi-last against Bayern Munich they turned out to be only the third group in the 20-year history of the opposition to lose the principal leg and still arrive at the final.”To be 2-1 down in the primary leg and afterward turn it around to win 4-1 at home at Kingsmeadow was an extraordinary inclination,” says More earnestly. “You truly know why you play football, why you put such a lot of time in, to dominate and mess around that way. It was astounding.”

Does that strength give them an edge? “We actually accept that we can turn any game around. The game is an hour and a half, in any event an hour and a half, and regardless of how the games are turning we realize we can return on the off chance that we have a setback.”Harder shown up at Chelsea after the loss in a year ago’s last as the world’s most costly player, for a charge of around £300,000. “Obviously it squeezes you,” she says. “Everybody figures you can do everything on the pitch when you have that cost. It puts on pressing factor, or a few assumptions at any rate. Yet, taking care of assumption is something I’ve been working with for the last five or six years. I realized how to deal with it. Clearly a portion of the things I could do on the contribute Wolfsburg I was unable to do immediately. First you need to adjust, at that point you can bring the characteristics you have on the pitch which I think I’ve been doing across the season.”

Harder enjoyed a benefit on most fresh introductions at Chelsea. Her accomplice, Magda Eriksson, is the commander of the side and she showed up with a profound comprehension of the club and its players.

“I’ve been following the group for quite a while frame, with Magda playing here, and I saw the advancement of the group,” she says. “It was so intriguing to perceive what was occurring and I just felt like I needed to be a piece of it. That was what was generally my inspiration to come to Chelsea.”

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