West Bengal Boss Clergyman Mamata Banerjee on Thursday rode pillion on an electric bike during a meeting against rising fuel costs in the country.

Banerjee sat behind state serve Firhad Hakim during the five-km-long excursion from Hazra More to the state secretariat.

In the wake of arriving at Nabanna, Banerjee pummeled the BJP-drove government at the Middle saying, “We are challenging the fuel value climb. The Modi government just makes bogus guarantees. They have never really cut down fuel costs. You can see the distinction in petroleum costs when the Modi government came to power and now.””Modi and Shah are selling the country. This is an enemies of individuals’ administration,” she added.

In Bengal, the cost of petroleum and diesel has move to Rs 91.12 per liter and Rs 84.20 per liter, respectively.In a breather to the average person, the West Bengal government on Sunday reported a decrease of assessment by Re 1 for each liter on petroleum and diesel compelling from 12 PM.

The Middle, safeguarding the cost rise, had said that oil retailers in India have been compelled to expand costs since the worldwide raw petroleum costs have ascended by more than 50% to more than $63.3 per barrel since October.Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi, who is at present in survey bound Kerala, as of late invested his energy collaborating with the anglers local area and even encountered a cut of their life. As he embraced an ocean journey with the men, he hopped into the Middle Eastern Ocean and swam for around 10 minutes with them during their wake-up routine.

To get a feeling of their day by day lives, the Congress chief, wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants, was likewise seen pulling the net with nearby angler in high ocean in Kollam. Photographs and recordings shared by him and his gathering show him with anglers on a boat as they all set out for their initial morning get.

Pictures likewise showed him appreciating breakfast, comprising of fish curry and bread, with them on the boat.

Subsequent to returning from the morning boat ride, he interfaced with anglers at Thangassery Sea shore, Kollam tuning in to their issues, and discussed how he saw the failure of pulling out a vacant net.

“I comprehend and regard what you do. I appreciate what you are doing. Ordinarily, we eat the fish yet we won’t comprehend the difficult work behind and how it arrived at our plate,” Gandhi said.

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