As things return to typical because of less extreme limitations forced by the public authority, individuals have begun venturing out of their homes for work. This is useful for the economy just as for individuals’ prosperity – especially the older, who had been compelled to remain inside for quite a long time inspired by a paranoid fear of contracting Coronavirus. In spite of the fact that we wouldn’t call 2021 an ordinary year yet, as the pandemic keeps on spreading in various states in India, yet on the off chance that you are intending to go out at any point in the near future these free portable applications may beat dread and tension. For the most part free, and accessible for both Android and iOS, these applications will make life simpler and help you make strides towards regularity.

Aarogya Setu

Regardless of whether you are driving on open vehicle or utilizing your own vehicle, ensure you have the Aarogya Setu application downloaded on your cell phone. India’s Coronavirus contact following application utilizes your telephone’s Bluetooth and area information, and informs clients as to whether they have been close to an individual contaminated with Coronavirus by checking a data set of known instances of disease. Simply recollect that your name and number will not be disclosed. Notwithstanding, the application does gather a wide range of data, including your sexual orientation, travel history and whether you’re a smoker. This drove numerous to raise information security worries over Aarogya Setu. Coronavirus following applications are a long way from awesome and there is no proof of whether such applications work. On the more secure side, there is no damage in introducing this application on your telephone, as Aarogya Setu is one of the endeavors to follow diseases.

Value: Free

IndianOil One

There have been times when you battle to discover a gas station, particularly while going on an excursion. Furthermore, by some coincidence, on the off chance that you discover the station just to see that no petroleum is accessible. Rather than sitting around cruising all over attempting to discover the closest gas station, a free portable application from Indian Oil can act the hero. Indian Oil One allows you to look for the station and permits arranging by area, so you can discover the petroleum siphon close to you. Not exclusively will the application help discover the gas station close to you, however this application likewise shows the most recent fuel cost. Likewise, clients can likewise follow their IndianOil LPG account. It’s a fair fuel-locater application, which numerous individuals don’t know about.

Value: Free


With more than 4 million parking spots in more than 17 urban areas in India, ParkingRhino encourages you save a space and let you pay for the stopping through your cell phone. Fire up the application, look for a spot at a particular scene, and save the stopping. One can rapidly hold one of those spots from your telephone, as the application finds the accessible parking spot (paid or free) continuously. ParkingRhino is accessible in most metropolitan urban communities and is presenting new areas consistently, particularly in level 2 urban communities of India.

Value: Free


Covid hasn’t disappeared, and with the new more infectious Covid variations spreading quick, specialists caution that individuals should keep wearing veils and keeping an actual distance. The issue is: how would you guarantee the eatery you intend to visit toward the end of the week follows the best security practices and cleanliness conventions? Try not to stress, there is an application to rate space for cleanliness. The application, called ‘HYGN’ allows you to see the cleanliness level/evaluations before you drop into the spot. All you require to open the application, look for an eatery, a shopping center or some other public space, read the survey dependent on cleanliness, and afterward choose whether you need to visit the spot or skip it totally. Best of all, solitary clients/guests can rate the spot. The application is allowed to download and is as of now accessible on Android. Be that as it may, the engineer plans to rollout the HYGN application for iOS soon.

Value: Free

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