A government judge requested Puerto Rican fighter Felix Verdejo held without bail after he was charged in the passing of a 27-year-elderly people ladies accepted to be pregnant with his kid. Keishla Rodriguez’s body was found in a tidal pond on Saturday.

Verdejo is accused of abducting and carjacking bringing about the demise of Rodriguez and with purposefully executing an unborn youngster. He didn’t offer any remarks during Monday’s hearing.

“This is a capital punishment qualified case,” said the adjudicator, Camille Velez.A criminal objection recorded by the FBI blames Verdejo for punching Rodriguez in the face and infusing her with a needle loaded up with a unidentified substance purchased at a public lodging complex in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. It asserts he at that point bound her arms and feet with wire, attached a weighty square to her prior to losing her an extension on Thursday morning. He is then claimed to have taken shots at her body. The grievance says an observer it didn’t distinguish assisted Verdejo with grabbing and murder Rodriguez.

The US government has 30 days to introduce the case to a bureaucratic terrific jury. A date for Verdejo’s next hearing presently can’t seem to be declared.

Rodriguez, who was accounted for missing on Thursday after she didn’t appear for her position at a creature preparing business, was found in a tidal pond close to San Juan on Saturday. Authorities distinguished her on Sunday by means of dental records.

Verdejo and his lawyers recently declined remark, and police said the fighter didn’t initially participate and wouldn’t address questions.

Rodriguez’s family said she was pregnant with Verdejo’s youngster. Keila Ortiz, the casualty’s mom, told correspondents that her girl approached Thursday and disclosed to her Verdejo was going to her home to see the consequences of a pregnancy test.”I advised her, ‘Be cautious,’ since he had effectively undermined her,” Ortiz said. She said Verdejo had revealed to her girl not to have the child, referencing his vocation and family.

Verdejo is hitched and has a youthful girl however had known Rodriguez since center school and kept a relationship with her, her folks said.

Verdejo addressed Puerto Rico at the 2012 Olympics and turned into an expert fighter that year, contending in the lightweight division. His profession was incidentally derailed he was hospitalized following a 2016 cruiser mishap.

The case has insulted numerous in Puerto Rico, where another lady was as of late found consumed to death after she documented an aggressive behavior at home grievance that an appointed authority excused. An adjudicator has declared an examination concerning that choice.

Many individuals accumulated Sunday at an extension that crosses the tidal pond where Rodriguez’s body was found to request equity for her and different ladies killed

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